Monday, December 17, 2018


Center of Specialists of Security Department - services around the dock for the protection of your business, (anti-theft and robbery, theft among the personnel, information security and anti-espionage). We organize software system means of protection for objects of different complexity.

System of services for the protection of facilities include:

  • Observation centralized control;
  • Physical guard of objects;
  • Video surveillance;
  • Body guard (vip) ;
  • Mass events security;
  • Cargo guarding and convoying;
  • Information security of your business;
  • Legal services;
  • Technical security systems;
  • Objects security of all forms of property.

Observation centralized control (CCO)

We will protect Your property from intrusion, attack, fire, technical failures with the use of modern signaling systems and mobile-site response. Mobile response team will arrive when the alarm comes to central monitoring stations (CMS).

Our specialists will ensure the installation of alarm, burglar and fire alarm systems at the facilities of the Customer.

The equipment is certified, and meets the technical requirements of European standards.

Physical guard of objects

Our experts will complete a survey and examination of the object to determine the most effective and appropriate protection system, provide recommendations on the choice of tactics to ensure the protection of the object.

Protection of stationary posts

Objects Patrolling

Mobile response teams calling

Presentable uniform, professionally selected security will add value to image making of Your Company.

Video surveillance

Video surveillance is the most effective way to protect you and your space from
encroachment, completely controlling the situation.

Here you can buy a surveillance system for your home, office and for more complex facilities:

  • Shops or factories.
  • We provide remote monitoring;
  • Design and installation of video surveillance systems, as well as integration of various types of
    existing systems, fire alarm systems, access control and other security systems;
  • Maintenance of installed equipment.

Body guard (VIP)

Security service of "CSBU-OHRANA" is ready to provide bodyguards for your security, your employees or family parts. All our employees passed military, tactical, psychological and medical training.

Mass events security of all kinds:

  • business meetings and business partners, shareholders' meetings, negotiations, transactions, club meetings, etc.
  • cultural and sport and entertainment events: concerts, holiday performances, conferences, etc.
  • advertising and commercial activities: presentations, exhibitions, fairs, etc.
  • other events: corporate parties, weddings, banquets, on various anniversary meetings, celebrations, etc.

Cargo guarding and convoying

Cargo guarding and convoying is one of services provided by our company. The work of our employees is aimed at ensuring the safety of your goods and other valuable property in transiting across Ukraine and abroad.

The company staff has in its arsenal all the necessary technical security means to ensure the safety of your cargo around the path.

Information security

Systems information security, software, business secrets security of your company and system verification measures of personnel and loyalty of partners.

Legal services

Oral and written advice on legal issues. Strategy development for combating acquisitions, and, if necessary - to provide advice and assistance.

Participation of the lawyer in the trial on the customer side in the civil and economic disputes as of property, so of non-property character.

Representing client's interest in the relations with public authorities, institutions, enterprises and organizations, participation in negotiations. Pretrial assistance resolving disputes.

Representation of clients in administrative proceedings, challenging the decisions, actions and
(or) omissions by public authorities.

Consultation on the company establishment and reorganization. Legal expertise of documents. Making documents of civil law character.

Subscription service.